Top UK Companies Job Seekers Want to Work in

By using Keyword Planner, we have been able to find out what the top UK companies that job seekers want to find jobs in. Some job hunters also want to work in a particular area. While it might make sense to assume that most people want to work close to home, this doesn’t always seem to be the case. Some people seem to want to find employment in interesting areas that have better opportunities available to applicants.


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NHS Jobs Searched for by 21,960,000 in the UK

While it would be easy enough to say that NHS jobs are everywhere in the UK, even that wouldn’t do the organization justice. It’s hard to fathom how many searches were done as well as how many people are employed by this group. The National Health Service is actually one of the largest employers in the entire world. Due to its scope it has openings for people working in many careers not directly related to healthcare.


Tesco Jobs Receive 2,952,000 UK Searches

Applicants looking for Tesco jobs represent a huge percentage of the retail jobs found on this list. Searches were up, perhaps because of people who were let out of other types of jobs and now need a replacement. On the other hand, Tesco has repeatedly been called a good place to work by many employees and that’s changed the way people look at Tesco jobs.

Guardian Jobs saw 2,412,000 UK Searches

So many people rely on the Guardian for news, and that surely explains why there are so many people looking at Guardian jobs. From auto racing coverage to the latest headlines, the Guardian employs lots of people to get the story. Naturally they have many jobs in distribution and cyberspace as well. These might be closer to searchers’ homes.

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Next Jobs get 1,320,000 UK Searches

Next jobs are really exciting. While most people have a relatively poor opinion of working in retail, Next has cultivated an impressive brand image. That image is surely the sort of thing that has helped it appreciate in the rankings so much. Nevertheless, people should never leave a place out just because it seems mundane. Great opportunities are found everywhere.

Morrisons Jobs Searched for 1,320,000 Times in the UK

Morrisons jobs is another keyword that has really jumped because of the way people are starting to change in terms of employment options. People want to work with these types of organizations because they see them as opportunities. That has really helped these places to get quality staff coming to them as well.

Jobs in Kent Searched for 1,086,000 Times in the UK

Many people are looking for jobs in Kent, but this can be interpreted one of two ways. On one hand it would be easy to say that many Kent residents lost their jobs. On the other hand, however, it could be said that Internet users see Kent as a place that offers some really good opportunities.

McDonalds Jobs got 888,000 UK Searches

McDonalds jobs are famous for the advancement opportunities. People have long talked about moving up the company ladder with this organization, and that’s still very possible today.

Reed Jobs Received 888,000 UK Searches

Those looking for Reed jobs are probably looking to acquire some jobs from this famous employment agency. That being said, the organization obviously has to hire in their own right so there’s nothing to suggest that people don’t end up working for Reed as well. Either way, a search for it has plenty to offer interested parties.

Aldi Jobs Searched for 726,000 in the UK

Aldi jobs have started to pick up in the UK. The store has been popular around the world for some time, and many British people are now getting a real chance to live and work around an Aldi store. As a result, the number of searches is continuing to grow along with the chain.

River Island Jobs got 726,000 UK Searches

River Island jobs are much like those offered by other higher-end dealers. They are attractive and might make people rethink what it means to work in retail. After all, these jobs are actually popular among some segments of the population and that could very well encourage these searches to continue to pickup.

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