Top 10 Most Wanted US Employers in 2013

By using Keyword Planner we were able to discover what organizations people in the United States wanted to work for. The top most wanted US employers are a mix of public and private sector organizations. Some of them are top businesses like CSX Transportation while others are branches of the government. Some people even want retail positions, judging by the number of people who searched for Costco jobs.


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US Costco Jobs Received 486,000 Searches

Costco jobs are often thought of as regular positions, but they’re excellent for those who don’t have anywhere else to turn to. Those without a large number of references might want to work at their local store. Younger people especially have a tendency to turn to these jobs. Most importantly there is a real opportunity to move up in the world in retail.

CSX Jobs in the USA were Searched for 397,200 Times

Railroad transportation is becoming constantly more important, and this is reflected in the number of people looking for CSX jobs. Of course, CSX Transportation is a huge company. They manage their own track and also employ a large number of people to drive trucks and work in numerous other industrial positions. People searching for jobs at a company of this size are sure to find something they like.

US FBI Jobs Received 397,200 Searches

At one point the Federal Bureau of Investigation had to actively recruit people. That’s a far cry from the current state of affairs. People are actually looking for FBI jobs today. As well as the obvious positions, searchers might be looking for the large number of administrative jobs that the FBI often needs to have filled. It’s a very large organization for sure.


Disney Jobs in the US were Searched 397,200 Times

Disney jobs enjoy a certain amount of prestige, and this surely has increased the number of people looking for them in recent years. That being said, they’ve also grown by leaps and bounds as a media firm. That has also seriously contributed to the way that people perceive them. Searchers have certainly started to look for these jobs more than ever.

325,200 Searchers Looked for Halliburton Jobs

Halliburton jobs enjoy some popularity as a result of their heavy media coverage. Organizations rely on Halliburton for contractors, and that means that they often have a steady flow of open positions. Those who want to work in these positions might have to have fairly impressive resumes, however. That might help to limit the number of searchers.

American Searches Looked for TSA Jobs 325,200 Times

Media coverage has also helped to boost the number of people looking for TSA jobs. As the government manages these positions, the same rules apply to them that apply to all other government positions. Security personnel are being hired in fairly large numbers, but some searchers might not be aware of the type of training required for these jobs.

US Users Looked for CNA Jobs 325,200 Times

Presuming that those looking for CNA jobs are interested in CNA Financial Corporation, they’re looking for positions at a fairly established company. CNA is quite old and it doesn’t look like it will be going away any time soon. As an established firm they offer a sense of real stability for those worried about the financial health of their employer.

Most Wanted US Employers

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Boeing Jobs Enjoyed 325,200 US Searches

Boeing jobs are also fairly secure, and are excellent for those who work in certain professional fields. As well as the obvious aerospace engineers, companies like these need large numbers of support and financial staff. Those with that kind of background might have been typing the name into search engines as well.

AT&T Jobs Saw 217,200 US Searches

Searches for AT&T jobs might be growing for some unexpected reasons. The firm has started to open up a nationwide chain of stores, which is really allowing it to grow. As a result, people are quite possibly looking for a retail position close to home. It would have been unfathomable in the past that a telecommunications company would provide these types of jobs.

Nike Jobs Saw 217,200 American Searches

Searchers looking for Nike jobs might be trying to find things like sales positions and the like. While the organization certainly has some glamorous jobs, it needs a large sales staff to support itself. These are the types of positions most likely to be open for those trying to find a new job for themselves.

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