Top 10 Australia Jobs by Demand

By using the Keyword Planner tool, we were able to figure out what the top ten jobs were in Australia by search engine demand. There is a good mix of public and private sector jobs. Many of the searches were for professional positions. This may have something to do with a slow rise in the number of college graduates who are looking for a job in the actual field that they majored in.


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Searches by Australians for Defence Jobs Surge to 266,400

Searches for defence jobs grew very quickly. While the idea of serving one’s country is certainly an influence on those who look for these types of jobs, people also want stable employment. Defence is something that always has to be carried out. As a result, people often feel that it’s a stable field to work in.

Australians Search for Government Jobs 266,400 Times

When people look for government jobs it’s not always clear what they’re looking for. They could be searching for anything from a healthcare position to something in radio. The government also employs engineers and various other personnel. Still, there is no denying the fact that the number of searches in this department certainly grew.

Mining Jobs in Australia were Searched for 217,200 Times

One of the largest industries in Australia is mining, so it makes sense that mining jobs would be so important in search terms. These aren’t jobs that can easily be sent to another country. While there are mineral resources in Canada and China, Australian mines are extremely competitive. That means that they’ll continue to be large employers for some time to come.


Australians Searched Customs Jobs 64,800 Times

Customs jobs have become more important as the government attempts to crack down on all of the contraband coming into Australia. People are needed to fill these jobs, and they’re searching for the opportunities online. Those who want to fill these jobs might want to be sure to have some kind of experience in the field. They’re sure to be up against some competition.

Council Jobs were Searched for 64,800 Times

While it might come as a surprise to some that council jobs were searched for so much these are still necessary positions. Those who want to apply should make sure that they have the appropriate degrees and certifications. They also need to make sure that their writing skills are up to par. These are going to be big deciders when it comes to seeing if they got the job.

Part Time Jobs were Searched for 64,800 Times

Most people searching for part time jobs in the past were those getting a job for the first time. Second income earners are another segment, but now a days many people look to become part time employers. As a result this has really started to grow as a search engine term. It will probably continue to enjoy some growth in the coming years as well.

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Searches for Childcare Jobs Surged to 52,800

People looking for childcare jobs online have certainly grown. These were tied with several other top searches, which suggests that it’s on the rise. People like to have a sense of altruism when they work, and childcare is an industry where they can genuinely help others. Some searchers probably also checked out jobs in child development and early childhood education.

Searches for Environmental Jobs were Made 52,800 Times

With the recent emphasis on conservation, it’s no surprise that people searched for environmental jobs at such a high rate. Sensitive environmental areas were once the only things that people thought of in this field. Professionals, however, now have solar installation and numerous other engineering positions to look forward to. Of course there’s writers and journalists in the field too as well as educators.

Searches for Christian Jobs Held Steady at 52,800

Volunteers fulfill most positions in churches, but searches for Christian jobs have not gone down. In fact, they’re expected to rise. Even outside the ministry and clergy people are looking for ways that they can help out. Christian organizations provide quality healthcare and education opportunities as well. These will probably encourage even more searchers to have a look at this segment in the coming year.

Australians Looked for Army Jobs 52,800 Times

Most people don’t consider army jobs as being very diverse, but they are. People that use this search time might have come across any number of different opportunities, and they’ll probably find out about the benefits that come with them. The army needs cooks, dentists, physicians, scientists, chaplains, pilots and numerous other personnel.

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