The Most Popular US Jobs in 2013

We examined what the most popular US job searches were in the year of 2013. In order to do so, we used Keyword Planner to see what people had been searching for. Naturally this method includes people who were conducting searches out of mere curiosity, but it also deals with some of the most respected ranking structures online. As a result, we’re confident that this is the most accurate list of jobs we could possibly compile, and not only the list of most common jobs in the US, but most popular. Whether people were looking for construction jobs or something in a government position, a number of people have tried to find a new job in the last year.


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Government Jobs in the United States – Searched over 1,980,000 Times Online

Prospective employees might be looking for some government jobs because they feel that they are more secure than those in the private sector. Public sector employees aren’t let go as easily, and there are plenty of positions available for those who are veterans. However, these jobs are sometimes difficult to get because of requirements. It never hurts to check, though, and people are always searching.

Online Jobs in the USA – Searched over 594,000 Times Online

So many people want online jobs because they want the freedom that comes with working at home. Figuring out why people search for these online isn’t difficult at all. These jobs are available to Internet users, so people want to look for them where it’s obvious to look for them. They tend to fill up fast, however, so those who want one should conduct a search quickly.

Security Jobs in the USA – Received over 486,000 Searches

Security jobs might have become popular merely because of numerous news stories stressing how important they are. With current fears perpetuated by the media, more organizations are looking at changing the type of security they have. More people have degrees in criminal justice today as well, which might have prompted some recent graduates to go and look for a new position.

US Flight Attendant Jobs were Searched for over 486,000 Times

Commentators may be shocked to see how many searches for flight attendant jobs there were on popular search engines. Flight attendants were once considered glamorous, but they aren’t any more. Then again, some reports claim that air travel could be picking up and that might have something to do with the surge.


US Federal Jobs Received 397,200 Searches

Pretty much everything that can be said about government jobs can be said for federal jobs. Naturally some people could have been looking at municipal, county or state positions. On the other hand many of these searches could have been those looking for more specific government positions. After a search is written many users will go back and refine it.

American Babysitting Jobs got Searched for 397,200 Times

Teenagers used to fill all babysitting jobs, but things have changed a lot. Some babysitters are very professional, and the Internet has changed how people look for these positions. Sitters will now go and check out their options on social networking sites or even Craig’s List, which has the benefit of primarily listing jobs that are close to those carrying out the search.

American Construction Jobs Surged to 397,200 Searches

Whether the fact that construction jobs has grown as a search term is good or bad depends on one’s perspective. Commentators might claim that there are more construction opportunities these days, but others might suggest that more people have lost their jobs in these fields. While the truth might be somewhere in the middle, the market has been admittedly a little slow the last few years.

Most Popular US Jobs

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US Engineering Jobs Searched for 397,200 Times

The field of engineering jobs technically includes a few things, as far as Internet searches are concerned. Recent university graduates will certainly make up some percentage of these searches. They want to work as new professionals. Train engineers fulfill a different market segment, but they use the same search terms. A railroad has even grown to be one of the top employers in the country.

Warehouse Jobs in America Searched 325,200 Times

People working in warehouse jobs can move up the company ladder. They might start in an entry-level position that they find online today and eventually work their way up to managing the entire warehouse or dock. That could explain why so many people continue to search for these jobs, even if they were almost starting to fall out of the top ten in terms of search engines.

Americans Searched for Journalism Jobs 325,200 Times

Pundits might really be shocked that journalism jobs are still so popular. Print media sources have been failing for some time. Then again, considering this number represents Internet searches those involved could be looking for alternative journalism outlets. Cyberspace is flooded with Internet publications, and these constantly need a flow of new content.

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