Most Wanted Jobs in Canada

Keyword Planner was very helpful when we were compiling this list of the most wanted jobs in Canada. People want various types of jobs, though very stable ones like federal government jobs continue to top the list. Not everyone is enamored with public sector work, however, judging by the number of people looking for welding and part time jobs in Canada.


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Federal Government Jobs Rose to 266,400 Canadian Searches

Federal government jobs are often looked at as extremely stable positions because there’s no doubt that the government will stick around. While various businesses might come and go there’s no doubt that the government will continue to exist for some time. Searchers are probably looking for fairly permanent positions if they look for this term.

Part Time Jobs Enjoyed 79,200 Canadian Searches

Part time jobs are useful for those in school or those who need to work a second job. Canadian search engine users might very well be looking for something to do on the side. Of course teenagers who are looking for work for the first time in their lives also often value these jobs.

Administrative Assistant Jobs see over 52,800 Canadian Searches

People with references are often searching for administrative assistant jobs. While these are usually not entry-level positions, Canadians who search for these jobs are usually able to find something if they have a little experience. Administrative workers don’t necessarily have a lot of options when it comes to advancement, but they do enjoy fairly comfortable positions.

Canadians Search for Summer Jobs 52,800 Times

Those who are out of school during the summer months often take summer jobs, but fewer adults tend to take up these positions. While it can be assumed that many of those searching for these jobs are children or teenagers, there may be some adults who have recently lost their jobs and need to work in a seasonal position.


Canadians Look for Human Resources Jobs 34,800 Times

Searches for human resources jobs are probably already experienced in the field. They need something that they’re accustomed to doing. Then again, these searches might also come from college graduates who need a position in their new specialty. Either way, these searches have certainly grown in comparison to where they were in the past.

Accounting Jobs Searched for 34,800 Times in Canada

Those who search for accounting jobs probably already have the credentials necessary to fulfill them. Not everyone can be an accountant, because of the requirements put in place for those who want to work in that kind of position. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that training programs are available so some Canadians might be searching to see what it takes.

Welding Jobs Searched for 28,800 Times by Canadians

Trade schools have sometimes stressed the importance of welding jobs, since they’re hard to outsource. People living in Canada have long feared that their jobs will be sent to another country. It’s much harder to send local welding overseas. As a result, individuals have actually started to flock to welding jobs in the hopes that they could get something that would be difficult to source out to another country.

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Canadians Search for Receptionist Jobs 28,800 Times

Computer users who searched for receptionist jobs might be the same ones who searched for administrative assistant jobs. They may have refined their searches. Either way, receptionists are often looked at as baseline professionals. Becoming one could eventually allow someone to take on a larger job in the same sort of a field, so it’s actually sought after these days.

Canadians Look for Jobs in Education 28,800 Times

While most jobs in education still rely on the existence of large school complexes, large amounts of education is now being shopped to distance programs. People searching for these jobs online might very well want to work in these advanced popular programs. It would make sense, considering the number of people now attempting to get college degrees in this fashion as well.

Customer Service Jobs were Searched for 28,800 in Canada

It’s perhaps most surprising how many times customer service jobs were searched for over the course of the last year. Most people would stereotypically not wish to work in the customer service industry, though that might have changed. Service personnel need to be more skilled than ever before.

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