Most Mainstream 6 Resume Lies

lying on resume consequences list

It is true that everything we read in the resumes isn’t based on the reality. There are millions of resumes that have at least one or more lies which are hard to spot as well.

Have a look at six common resume lies written by people without any reluctance:

  • The company’s name that doesn’t exist or hard to find: The candidates do it many times by thinking that employers won’t read or search everything. Make an instant Google search to check the company’s name.
  • Vague details and resume gaps: The alarm signs should go off in your head if there is a gap in the person’s resume that isn’t explained.
  • Adding plenty of skills: Although, it is possible that a candidate is skillful but the number should be justified. For example, an individual has added more than fifty skills in his resume. Now, who would believe on it?
  • Writing long stories of achievements: First of all, nobody has adequate time to read your long paragraphs. Secondly, write something that sounds true.
  • Self-acclamations that are far-fetched: Using the words like ‘world-class leader’ or ‘the youngest achiever in the respective field’ doesn’t change the minds of recruiters.
  • Missing name of the school, college & university: It is definitely doubtful if a candidate hasn’t added the name of institutions from where h/she completed the studies.


How to Detect Resume Lies in the First Time?

The best way to detect the resume lies is to compare the CVs with each other. The resumes that haven’t been written as per typical resume format must definitely have single or many lies. If anyone has written a lot of stories and didn’t offer to share any references, then his/her resume is based on many lies indeed.

What Are the Lying on Resume Consequences?

If someone is caught before being interviewed, then it’s not a big issue. But when the statements of any candidate are different in resume and interview, then h/she would definitely miss the opportunity of landing the job. Therefore, it’s better to write who you’re and what you’ve achieved instead of facing embarrassment in the future.

The lying on resume consequences result in the form of missing a valuable job opportunity. Recruiters are clever enough these days. You can’t make them fool in any way. The best policy is to mention every detail honestly and use a free portfolio website.

Many of us aren’t aware of common resume lies said by people to grab the best work opportunities. Read the six major lies told by people in resumes and contact us for more advice here!

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