6 Latest Resume Format Tips That Will Make Your Resume Bulletproof

latest resume format

Normally a recruiter receives 100 to 300 resumes daily. For the experienced recruiter, the time for each resume revision takes only 5 to 10 seconds. Cheap resume writing services know that looking for the good job position is like a tricky and complicated project for the modern job seeker nowadays, the successful implementation of which will define the level of life and the internal state of a person as for a long time. The endless manual checking of various places of work, mentioned by the potential employee is slowly dying out and the recruiters are no longer interested in extracting the valuable information from the unappealing pieces of paper.

The latest career trends 2018 show that companies are ready to raise the specialists of middle and lower level, but when choosing the candidate for the leading positions the number of parameters for selection reaches the maximum level. Each recruiting specialist wants to see the useful information in the short and most precise form possible that will help them to decide what further steps needed to be taken.

best resume trends

Let’s see, what a modern employer will look for in your resume in 2018 to make a decision? Let’s define the sections and find out the main resume trends that will dominate the labor market:

1. Contact Information and Purpose

Not much has changed during recent years for the address section but it definitely could be right to say that in resume trends 2018 the good structure of your contact information looks like:

  • Name | Last Name
  • City
  • Cell phone
  • E-mail address

Note! There’s no need to write your exact address, featuring the street and apartment, no one’s gonna check on that.

Your purpose. There’s an old practice for some companies to put a purpose section after the address but nevertheless, lots of recruiters still keep this one as a must. If you faced the necessity of writing it keep away from overused clichés and overused phrases like “My purpose is to maximize your profits and get my potential to full realization”. There’s a little secret hidden – this section is for counting the job positions and posts you’re interested in.

latest resume format

2. Self Objective and Soft Skills

In the nearest future, that is in 2017 more attention will be paid to the selection of candidates with the personal qualities the employer needs, and especially soft skills. If we analyze the interview as a whole and look on the basis you’ll be judged on we’ll see the following picture:

  • 40% – professional knowledge;
  • 40% – personal qualities/soft skills;
  • 20% – motivation (desire to do the exact in the exact company).

For some professions, f.g like doctors and teachers and all those who closely work with people the soft skills are no less important than hard skills. As statistic shows almost 77% employers consider them no less essential than hard skills.

You can list them as bullet points but it’s always a better practice to support them with evidence, like in the following examples:

  • Management skills – Successfully run the team of 10 people that increased the productivity of department on 30 %.
  • Communication skills – Helped to sort out 6 difficult issues with customers.
  • Stress resistance – Conducted successful negotiations with a client who refused seven managers, and concluded a contract with him.
  • Enthusiasm – Developed and implemented a department strategy to overcome the crisis instead of current department head.

resume trends

3. Education

Remember that if you want to make your resume look appealing to get rid of unessential details and keep laconic. Don’t mention college at your CV if you have graduated from university after that, that trick will make your resume look more respectable.

You need to mention several institutions only in case they are all relevant to the profession you’ve chosen. Don’t list all the professional schools you finished, just point out the most relevant, putting the advanced degrees first on the line. There’s a global employability university ranking top 10 and if your university is one of them you undoubtedly have greater chances to find a new job.

resume format 2017 online

4. Skills and List of Accomplishments

Core competencies – that is a part of CV that characterizes experienced professionals. The recruiter may not want to read all the summaries but definitely looks at core competencies. Here you need to specify the professional expertise and accomplishments and technical skills. It is a good practice to combine the expertise and experience in the key section. Cut the sentences up to 7-10 words and transform them into the list form, just like with above mentioned soft skills you need to mention them using featuring examples.

Technological skills are among the most valuable and highly sought after in 2018, so make sure they take the separate section in your resume. With the bullet points, you can make the list out of programs and applications you’ve been dealing with at your previous job.

There are 9 computer skills that everyone should know how to use in 2018:

effective resume tips

5. Professional Experience

It is considered that 2-3 years experience in one company is normal and optimal, those who change the job often can be called job hoppers, the recruiters don’t like them and in fact, more than 70% HR specialist will refuse to call such candidates to the interview. If you have such a trouble there’s a one way out for you, – combine the jobs in one if there’s a possibility.

It often happens that a person changed several positions working in the same company or passed from company to company within the holding structure. Sometimes people get engaged in project work where they replace several employers for particular periods. In such cases, we recommend to register it as a place of work, with the same name and the dates of the general work. And within that block, you can show how and when you shifted the positions, but visually you need to still keep it in one block.

career trends 2017 tips

6. Additional Details in Resume Format 2018

It’s time you made your CV connected! According to the latest data, more than 50% ofemployers will search for your accounts and check them thoroughly. Providing the links to your social accounts you show that you’re a decent candidate and you have nothing to be afraid of, that would be perfectly appropriate in case you’re applying for SMM or other social media related position. In additional resume sections, you can put a link to your LinkedIn account. For the better result, you can also optimize your resume with keywords relevant to your industry and put some more resume buzzwords or action words that can be found online.

laboratory analyst resume          accountant resume

Don’t over-stuff the main sections with information but in this place, you are free to mention:

  • Certifications (Don’t forget to put in the details and dates)
  • Professional memberships
  • Awards. You can either mention here your awards that you received during your student years.

There is the one golden rule – fill this section with information that you consider highly relevant to the sphere of your future job. If you feel like running out of time while resume creation process passes this job to the professionals or cheap resume writing services that will gladly do everything for you so as a result you can get excellent resume suited specifically for your needs and industry.

4 Mistakes That Make Your CV Look Cheaper

Irrelevant information. It is not allowed to write explanations, comments, footnotes, and other kinds of irrelevant information in your resume. Only the dates, facts, and achievements are acceptable. By the way, functional duties part in CVs is usually the most boring and typical thing. In 30% of cases, people are copying them from their job description, in 50% – from other CVs or position descriptions, while only 20% are really writing them personally. That’s why it is way better to put your personal accomplishments instead of functions that say nothing about you as a professional. After you’ve polished your CV information be sure you don’t neglect such effective tool as LinkedIn for promotion of your candidature.

latest resume format that works

Formatting. The tables in the summary were adopted in the early 2000s. Then the whole civilized world rejected them. Do not show yourself as a dinosaur, remove those. Spaces also matter, do not occupy the large parts of your resume with extensive spans and tabulations. Also, find out which resume formats are acceptable in the company you’re applying to and use those. Avoid using picture file formats like JPEG or JPG or document formats which are no longer used like rtf., or those that by any chance could be unsupported by the receiver’s computer, like odt., and so on.

Quirky designs. It is a common trend for the resumes 2017 to have a modern and cool design, however, you should be very picky and cautious when choosing the template for your document. Unprofessional resume appearance with unnecessary elements and embellishments look more than ridiculous and certainly will not add up some bonus points to your CV at all.

resume format 2017 mistakes

image credit: pinterest.com

Graphic and infographic resumes are very trendy on 2017, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to get yourself the one, you can use services that can help you make it professionally: Free tool that will help you visualize your resume, turn your plain CV into infographic is visualize.me. Similar kind of service offering even richer selection of visual decisions for the resume creation is ResumeUP. The page is packed with various features you’ll like – timelines, languages, hobbies, a Myers-Briggs personality test results and opportunities to enrich your CV with multimedia content.

Ruining grammar. For 70% of employers or HR specialist a single grammar mistake or a typo will be enough for throwing your CV down the trash bin, remember that and edit your resume before submitting to the employer.

resume format 2018 pitfalls

Typically about 5% of all resume contain such mistakes like:

  • Simple grammar and spelling mistakes (no spell checkering was made)
  • Errors in spelling of words derived from other languages
  • Errors in punctuation: space before a comma, the comma between the words without spaces and redundant punctuation
  • Different kinds of punctuation at the end of the sentences when writing lists.

Don’t forget that a good resume is the first impression creator, the way it’s written will affect the first impression of you and the whole hiring procedure as a result. In the era of LinkedIn and Facebook it became much easier for the recruiters to check your professional background and develop the opinion about your candidature, but you need to know that there are even greater advantages and opportunities for the candidates. That’s why it is important to follow all the resume tips, whether you’re writing an artist resume or a pharmacist resume, and make sure you haven’t missed something important.

Keep in mind, you are no longer limited by the strict standards and there’s a great room for you to express your personality using the most up to date tools like videos, website based CV’s, professional portfolios and online services to become a №1 candidate in the eyes of your future employer.

Tired of doing it all yourself? We know the shortest way for the job gaining resumes, don’t forget to claim your affordable latest resume format here!

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