Funny Resumes: Ridiculous or Bright and Individual?

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Do People Really Write Funny Resumes?

Yes, it is true but there is a line between showing yourself creative in a humorous manner and choose creative resume formats and being ridiculous. Sometimes, the funny resumes work like magic by providing desired jobs to the people. However, it doesn’t happen most of the time.

Here are examples of funny resume statements that you’ve never heard before and found them either creative or ridiculous:

  • Few people add humor to their resumes by not adding any of their personal or contact details. For example, one resume has the headline “This is my resume” and then the objective part suddenly starts in it.
  • There was a resume in which a person didn’t share his name but write an ‘Ugly Guy’ instead of by posting his picture underneath. Well, this seems as ridiculous rather than creative.
  • Another eye-grabbing concluding statement has been seen in a resume with the line “References unavailable because they were all burned up in a fire. This was an honest statement indeed. The candidate added some humor by sharing the fact and that’s better instead of writing false info.
  • In a resume, there were the funny skills mentioned by the candidate. These skills were a good sense of humor, good with kids and infants, good with people and good at organizing.

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Are Writing Funny Resumes Appropriate for All Kind of Jobs?

It is definitely not right to add lots of humor in your resume by showing your personality unique or different than others. Adding humor isn’t disallowed, but there are certain limits of it. If your resume starts with the funny quote and ends on it as well, then it will show quite a non-serious attitude from your side. It is actually not the right way to change the recruiter’s mind for giving you the work opportunity.

You should definitely add humor to your resume as it shows your sense of thinking anything from different aspects. You can write any funny statement while introducing yourself but don’t do this in the qualification and work experience section.

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Creative Resume Sample: Draw a Line Between Creativity & Ridiculousness

People who know how to write a CV know the clear difference between showing creativity and ridiculousness. A person wrote himself an ‘Ugly Guy’ of which the recruiter has nothing to do with. The creativity was to add light humor by saying anything bad but true i.e. “References were all burned up”. You have to draw this line and follow any best creative resume sample to write it with the perfect blend of humor and creativity. It’s true that concise and to-the-point resumes make the recruiters feel bored.

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