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It’s extremely important to keep yourself up to date with not only how your resume should be, format wise, but with the information that is being added and changing with the job market in your area. Interestingly enough, the three most popular jobs currently for 2018 are software developers, registered nurses and sales managers. During this article we will teach you how to craft your resume template 2018 around these three jobs, so you will stand out and gain employment for job resumes 2018.


Tips for Registered Nurses

If you are creating a resume for a registered nurse position, take into consideration the following tips:

  • List your most outstanding qualifications and your value, such as having good relations with patients and completing tasks in a timely manner.
  • Include your expertise, such as obstetrics or pediatrics.
  • Go into detail with your experience, such as outpatient care and rehabilitation.
  • Demonstrate how you are a top performer, and explain a time where you went out of your way to make a patient happy.
  • Include all achievements, such as being on a board, committee or if you have helped launch new services or facilities.

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Tips for Software Developers

If you are a software developer and creating your resume, consider the following tips:

  • Provide an up front skills list, such as what your limits are with development
  • List your most recent projects and a couple of examples of what went into completing them.
  • Make your experience interesting so employers will see you as an individual, not a sheeple.
  • Keep your education listing short, but do not forget to include it.
  • Document your history and experience in such a way that it’s eye-catching by surrounding it with a specific border, for example.

Tips for Sales Managers

If you are creating a resume for a sales manager position, consider the following tips:

  • Incorporate numbers into your resume, such as numbers for how high sales were while you were working at your previous position.
  • List your awards, such as the Achiever’s Club or the President’s Club.
  • Include how much of whatever you sold over a period of time, such as packages and promotions.
  • List how you improved your company’s reputation while you worked there, and what you did to ensure that.
  • Incorporate how you improved the work ethic and overall cooperation of your team of employees during your previous position.

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HeadHunter’s Opinion

HeadHunters look for those who stand out among the crowd, who has the best potential among the rest. They look for a resume when people apply 2018 that can fill one of the many vacancies for these three careers and jobs. HeadHunters have the important job of weeding out the best 2018 job opportunities and choosing the best candidates for each.


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