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What’s the highest and lowest professional resume writers cost for writing a world class resume? On the average what is the cost of cheap writing service and why should you use one?professional resume writers cost help

What Should You Pay for a Resume?

Professional resume writers cost – a simple truth and you get what you pay for as they say. But with a little dedication on your part with doing some research, you will find that there are some resume writing services prices very affordable indeed. Have a care though, your resume is one of the most important documents that you will ever have and you want your finished resume to be the Rolls Royce of the selection sitting on a potential employer’s desk.

What Is Resume Writing & Average Cost of Resume Writing Services?

Do you know the average cost of resume writing services? Your resume is one of the most important documents to write and include when applying for a job or seeking admissions into an academic institution for studies. Hence getting help with writing and knowing what to pay for resume editing service is important.

“A resume is the representation of your professional self. It is a concise compilation of your educational and professional experience, as well as the skills that make you desirable for the workforce.” 

A resume usually says a lot about your skills, qualification, work experience and background to an intending employee. No matter how skilled, experienced or qualified you are for a job, a poorly written resume can erode your chances of being considered for admissions, a job or the interview stage.

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Resume writing is a skill only very few understand and can use as it should be tailored to the peculiarities of specifics organizations. Even amongst self-acclaimed professional resume writing service companies, only a few understand perfectly the rudiments of a successful job pitch using a resume. Fortunately, there are efficient and proficient resume writing service providers around but the question then is what is the average resume service cost and how much do I need to pay as maximum or minimum for a professional result-oriented resume writing service even for high paying jobs.

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Why Shopping around Is Important

There are literally hundreds of thousands of companies and freelancers out there all claiming their particular resume writing services cost the least amount, but carefully weigh up the services they offer against the price they are charging for your custom. Sometimes just simply looking at a particular website will warn you against using their services. If no effort has been used in creating their sales pitch, then you know already none will be put into the resume you receive.

Other websites will advertise that a professional resume writers cost is outweighed against the services offered, so what are some of the things you should be looking for? And how to choose cheap resume writing services?

  • What kind of experience and qualifications do the writers have? Do they have samples you can look through to see if they are as professional as they claim to be.
  • Do they offer unlimited reviews? You may have to revise your resume from time to time if you are not having the expected amount of success.
  • A full satisfaction or money back guarantee.
  • Direct communication with the writer. The more contact you have with your writer, the more information they can gather from you to build up and show off your current career progression and achievements.
  • Can they work to a deadline? You’ve seen the advert for the job you want to apply for, having your resume back on time is essential in getting your application in, in a timely fashion.
  • Proficient English speakers – There are many companies now using foreign nationals using basic office templates with no real grasp of the English language.

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High and Low Cost of Resume Prices

Basically, resume prices on a high and low would range from $80 to as much as $1,200 depending on the need and the package for the employment documents. The lower end of the cost goes for resumes writing service without cover letter and bios. Some service could include coaching for an interview session, salary negotiation and thank you letters at the cost of about $2,500.


Entry Level Resume Cost:$100 – $400 Specifically for students, interns, fresh graduates and entry-level professionals.
Professional Resume Cost:$500 – $650 Suitable for working professionals with 3-10 years’ experience.
Specialized Resume Cost:$750 – $800 Suitable for experts and industry-focused jobs.
Management Level Resume Cost:$850 – $1,000 Such resume focuses on senior managerial position, unit heads and more.
Executive Resume Cost:$1,100 – $2,500 Suitable for experts with years of experience in the field.


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Most Popular Application Writing Service of Choice for How Much to Charge for Resume Writing

Resume writing

Resume writing is not a skill or requirement that will become irrelevant anytime soon as more jobs get created and more people are in need of a job. Hence how much to charge for resume writing or you would pay should be something to consider to increase your chances of success with documents needed for a job application. Whether for high paying jobs or not a resume must be submitted alongside the application letter.

Cover letter writing

Most job applications whether online or via direct mail must require the applicant to submit a cover letter alongside their resume. Hence, cover letter writing is quite as popular as resume writing because they can determine whether or not one makes it to the next stage or not.

LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn provides a professional means through which employees and intending clients can see and access your professional competence and other relevant skills to help the company make an informed decision about recruiting. LinkedIn profile writing service will help you to create a noticeable profile.

Components of Your Best Resume Writer after Knowing What Is the Cost of a Professional Resume

Besides knowing what is the cost of a professional resume, a standard resume must have certain fundamental components as well as be written in a professional manner to stand out and be successful with a job application.

Also, you need to know the following about who should write your resume:

  • Membership of Resume association: Confirm if the writer belongs to a resume association as they usually undergo training and follow ethical standards.
  • Professional credentials: Ask if they have professional resume writing credentials, at least it increases the chances of being accurate. If they have coaching credentials it gives you added advantage.
    • CPRW—Certified Professional Résumé Writer
    • NCRW—Nationally Certified Résumé Writer
    • CRW—Certified Résumé Writer
    • CERW—Certified Expert Résumé Writer
    • CMRW—Certified Master Résumé Writer

Though there are so many bodies with relations to resume writing certification besides the ones mention above but make sure to verify to avoid patronizing inexperienced resume writers and wasting your funds.

  • Resume Samples: Ask to see ATS resume samples to help you judge their expertise in resume writing.

Writing a professional standard resume can be quite tasking and not doing it right could become costly for your job search needs. It pays or is cheaper to get professional resume writing service help like ours resume writing cost.

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Why You Would Need a Professional Resume Writing Service Help

  • HR processes: A professional resume writer understands the recruitment processes, hiring strategies and how it can affect your selection.
  • Objective resume: A professional resume writer knows what skill are pertinent for what jobs and knows how to put the best foot forward to focus your skills, education, and experience.
  • Total packaging: A proficient resume writer knows that it is a laborious marketing tool that helps increase your chances of securing a job. Hence, he or she invests so much time writing, re-writing, editing, formatting and polishing the final document. Get the average price for resume writing services today and enjoy professional service help.
  • Applicant and company tailored resume: We understand that each applicant has unique traits that make them different from the others. We understand that each employment requirement has specific skills and things the organization looks out for in an application document. Because we have years of experience on the job we can tell with ease what should go into a resume for a particular organization having read through the job specification, description, and qualification.
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers: Finding the right team of professional resume writing service provider is not an easy task. It goes beyond just locating any writer online due to their good-looking websites. Finding resume writing expert like ours works best when you ask those who have used such services before. And with hundreds of satisfied clients from our resume writing service what we offer you is peace of mind.

Let Us Take the Stress out of Your Searching!

Our resume writing services cost is much less than our competitors. Also, you can use some resume generator free, but the quality of such services is law. We only use fully qualified writers to write your resume and they have many years of experience writing within your selected target industry. Hold relevant degrees and have a full understanding of recruitment expectations and trends. They will create for you an individually tailored resume with a complete record of your achievements and work history to show you off in the best light possible.
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Why Choose Our Resume Writing Service: Benefits from Resume Writing Services

  • Expert writers with years of experience: Our writers are persons with decades of experience writing resume. Our team of resume writers have cognate experience as human resources personnel from different organization besides years of experience and resume certification. So you get value for the resume writing services cost.
  • Industry-focused writers: We have writers across disciplines and professional background to bring industry based experience into your resume writing service.
  • Prompt service delivery: Timing is the key to a successful job application and because we understand that and value your time we are strict with your resume writing deadlines.
  • Original resume writing service: We only deliver original content with your resume and not a copy and paste resume.
  • Seal of guarantee: Our seal of guarantee to you includes 100% satisfaction guarantee, the privacy of information and money back guarantee once you pay for resume services.

Most times you get the value you seek or what you pay for. If you see your resume writing need as an investment then you would treat it right as it could help you land your dream job faster. The lowest price might get you a poor resume just as the highest price might not get you the best resume, the key is picking your resume writer carefully.

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