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Why Would You Want to Use a Personal Resume Website?

What most people don’t realize is that some 80% of jobs are never actually advertised. You will also find that you will be competing with well over a hundred other applicants for any job. Because of this, you have to be sure that your applications and your presence online is capable of making you stand out such as with a personal resume website.

But just uploading your resume on Monster and having an online profile on LinkedIn is not enough. Our LinkedIn profile makeover services will help you to optimize your profile in the best way. You really do need to have a way to make yourself different to the many other applicants and sell yourself to the recruiters in a way that will truly get you noticed. This is why you will want to use a resume personal website that will be able to showcase not just your skills and experience but also what you have actually developed and your own unique personality. And our cheap resume writing services are ready to give you help!

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The Benefits of a Personal Website Resume

Your individual CV is just not enough anymore. You really do need to showcase your talents if you are going to be one of those that get invited for an interview. Having an impressive individual web presence with your own “” URL can really help you to get found online by those recruiters that are looking to hire someone in your field.

As Sophia Bernazzani a recruitment specialist says:

 “When you’re applying for a job, you’re typically asked to submit a resume and cover letter. Maybe your LinkedIn profile. But there are better ways to stand out from your competition, and building a personal website is one of them.”

A good online portfolio and resume will help you to:

  • Give an amazing first impression
  • Stand out from the many other applicants
  • Improve your online visibility so that you are easy to find
  • Offer an outlet to provide unique information about you
  • Give the reader an insight into your personality as well as your skills
  • Show off your actual technical skills
  • Demonstrate your ability to think outside the box
  • Offer yourself for employment at all times

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Expert Tips for Making a Personal Resume Website

Creating a portfolio website and resume does not have to be difficult if you approach it in the right way. There are many different platforms that you can use to construct your website within and a huge amount of flexibility with how you can make it look with a minimum of work and expertise on your part.

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The following advice will help you to ensure that you get maximum benefits from your website:

  • Never just copy your resume onto your website page and leave it at that
  • Be clear as to what you will need to show off – showcase your best work
  • Use an impressive looking but uncluttered theme so that your work stands out
  • Always use fonts that are easy to read, don’t try to be too artistic if you want it easy to read
  • Ensure that your site navigation is clear and easy to use so that visitors can quickly find what they need
  • Graphics speak louder than words so use relevant images to highlight your abilities
  • Ensure that your page load speed is quick and that your images display well
  • Ensure that you always use a responsive profile that will display well on all screen sizes
  • Your call to action must be very clear and offer the reader an easy way to contact you reliably.

We Know How to Make a Personal Resume Website That Will Help You Stand Out

Not everyone is an expert when it comes to creating an attention-grabbing and effective personal resume website. This is why you may want to look to us for expert help with your personal site so that you can get it completed to a standard that is going to impress any recruiter.sample personal resume website

Our affordable resume writing services know how to put your website together in the best possible way to promote you clearly and effectively to any visitor to your site. They are not just website designers but also recruitment specialists that know just what it takes to your website to get you noticed within your specific industry. They fully understand what will really work in your field and how to get it over quickly so as to keep the reader on the page.

Our services offer you up to 5 well-designed website pages through our standard package to promote your resume and work portfolio. All of the professional work that we offer is done quickly and to the standard that you expect. Should you feel that anything should change then our services provide you with unlimited revisions and our staff continue working with you until you are confident that your site is just what you need.

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The Benefits of Using Our Specialized Services

We always provide you with precisely the look that you are looking for and will not rest until you are confident that your site is going to get you noticed. Our experts work with you directly through our services so that they can draw out the information that they know the recruiters will be looking for. In addition to some of the best website designers and recruitment professionals we also offer you:

  • On-time delivery guaranteed within your agreed deadline
  • Proofreading so that you can be sure that your site is free of errors
  • Plagiarism testing so that you are sure your site is totally unique to you
  • Highly affordable rates for the quality of work performed
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with your resume site or your money back

Give your job hunting a real boost with the use of our professional services for crafting an effective personal resume website here today!

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