13 Bad Luck Reasons of Your Resume Failures

wrong cv examples

The Resume Rejection Reasons

The rejection of resume is a common thing. The hundreds or even thousands of applications make it difficult for the recruiters to select the best few candidates for different vacancies.


Have a look at thirteen different reasons of your resume failures:

  • Make sure that the email address you share must not be ridiculous. If you’ve such kind of email address, then simply create the new account that hardly takes five minutes.
  • If you think that your resume with full of spelling and grammar errors will be selected, then you’re living in dark. It won’t happen again.
  • Not including the picture is the major reason for the resume failures. It is important to share resumes with photo.
  • The candidates mention inaccurate dates that create a bad impression in front of hiring staff. This shows that you don’t stay updated.
  • People who don’t focus on formatting their resumes face quick rejections by the recruiters.
  • Adding too much personal information also doesn’t go well with the hiring team. Try to add brief personal details.
  • The misleading information is the major reason that creates doubt in the minds of selectors. Therefore, they decide to throw your resume in the bin.
  • The use of silly fonts is another possibility of resume rejection. The standard font styles are Times New Roman, Arial, and Calibri.
  • The long paragraphs minimize your chances of getting noticed. Share to-the-point and concise information.
  • The incorrect chronological order is another reason that insists recruiter to reject your resume without thinking twice.
  • Many candidates don’t add sufficient employer’s information. This sometimes goes unwell with the hirers and leads to your rejection.
  • The weird hobbies also develop a poor impression of your personality. For example, ‘collecting stuffed toys’ or ‘interest in guns’ are the ridiculous things to share in a resume.
  • The written CV in the third person turns into instant rejection.

The Wrong CV Examples

The wrong CV is the one that creates the worst impression in front of the recruiters.

The incorrect resume or CV is based on following mistakes:

  • Blatant lies in regard to duties and roles.
  • Career accomplishments and job titles that are exaggerated.
  • Adding salaries and education that are inflated.
  • Adding the wrong dates. Never do such blunders and revise the resume again and again.

You should be aware of such mistakes to avoid the resume rejection. It will help you to get the best work opportunity in the first turn. You must focus on all such issues or just hire affordable resume writers.

Facing the trouble of resume rejection repeatedly? Don’t feel worried – follow the guide that gives genuine reasons of resume failures and contact us to help you more. It will be beneficial for you!

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