10 Most Popular Jobs in UK

We wanted to find out what the most popular jobs in the United Kingdom were. As a result, we did a little research using the Keyword Planner tool to figure out what job hunters were looking for. The results might surprise some readers, but they really aren’t that shocking at the end of the day. People are looking for jobs in fields that they trust and know something about.


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Civil Service Jobs Received 2,412,000 UK Searches

The various civil service jobs around, like those in most countries, are viewed as quite stable by UK job seekers. That is why they receive so many searches. People that want to work in these positions may be required to complete some type of examination. Online resources are also available for researching those tests.

Part Time Jobs got 726,000 UK Searches

Retail markets usually dominate the world part time jobs, but online researchers will also find temporary and seasonal work quite easily. Those who search for these types of jobs are usually young, but some people might want to take on part time work for various other reasons. Even tax structures might now drive people to look into part time work.

Army Jobs were Searched for 594,000 Times in the UK

Civilians who have special types of training or degrees might be able to get some advanced army jobs, and those searching online might be looking to become a specialist. The armed services offer training for jobs that people can eventually do in the civilian world after retirement, so it actually really works both ways as well.


Retail Jobs Received 397,200 UK Searches

Permanent retail jobs are sometimes hard to come by. These are often thought of as temporary work, but job searchers might be very happy with whatever turns up online for them. One of the best things about searching with modern tools is the use of local searches. They can be geared toward a specific area to find things close to an applicant.

Museum Jobs were Searched for 325,200 Times in the UK

Applicants for museum jobs are often college graduates or those who are trying to receive some experience in a particular college field. Searchers are going to possibly be looking for museums close to them, but this isn’t always the case. Cyberspace has information about postings at museums all throughout the country.

Security Jobs got 325,200 UK Searches

While security jobs might not be direct defence contractors, they often do work alongside the armed services. Still, civilians often fill these jobs. Those who are doing the searches might also be looking to work in numerous other security fields, such as those who guard retail centers and banks.

Arts Jobs Received 325,200 Searches in the UK

The field of arts jobs is huge. Educators are probably those most associated with the arts. Private and public schools both need art instructors, but this isn’t the only place that offers arts jobs. Those who work in the motion picture, broadcast, illustration and advertising industries often need assistance as well. Qualified applicants search for these jobs online.

UK Jobs

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Jobs Abroad Received 266,400 UK Searches

With so many people looking for jobs abroad, it might look like people are leaving the country. A more accurate explanation might involve those looking to travel for business. It could also have something to do with those looking to acquire experience in fields like translation or diplomacy.

Government Jobs Received 266,400 Searches

It may surprise some people that government jobs is so far down on the list, but it could be because so many people are looking at more specific search terms. Still, the government has numerous employers. Education opportunities are to be found here, and jobs taken with public entities like the BBC and the National Health Service are also considered government jobs.

Teaching Assistant Jobs Received 266,400 Searches

Teaching assistant jobs are often open because of the need for substitutes. While people might be searching for something a little more permanent, this is often what they’re likely to find. Schools constantly need people to substitute in for teachers who have been unable to do their duties. That’s a big role to fill, and this is starting to be a growth field for that reason.

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