What Should Be on a Resume in 2017

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The resume writing isn’t as simple as writing the stories or essays. It is the document that keep your career on stake. Therefore, it is important to add more elements in the future format of resumes despite having better trends and conveniences as compared to the situate a decade ago. If you want to know what should be on a resume in 2017, then check out these valuable tips mentioned below.

Resume Trends and Tips for the Year 2017

  • Profiles/summaries should replace objectives: Well-written profile or personal intro summary looks best instead of the objective for the experienced job-seekers.
  • Put your emphasis more on achievements: There should be a separate section for adding all of your personal achievements and no resume lies. These are commonly written with the skills.
  • Adding reasons of hiring you should be mandatory: It will be best idea to add a section where candidates can share justified reasons of hiring them.
  • Remember, honesty pays back well: You can’t make fool out of employers by sharing false information. It can do a favor by taking you to the interview seat but that’s it.

Resume 2017 – Leading Trends

The current trends of resume writing shows major distinctions between the today’s resumes and what they were a decade ago. The leading trend of resume shows the higher dependability of people on multimedia resumes. The way of creating resumes in a traditional way isn’t following by majority of job-seekers anymore. The resume 2017’s trend also seems to be equal to the present trend. However, the percentage of people who rely upon multimedia resumes would rise in the upcoming year. Currently, the 50% unemployed population of the world is creating multimedia resumes. This percentage would increase more due to the higher involvement of internet on our lives. In the upcoming five to six years, the traditional way of writing resumes would decline to 30%. Comparatively, the figure for multimedia resume developers would reach the mark of 70% in all over the world. The recent studies by expert entrepreneurs have revealed such results that are enough to leave you jaw dropped. Don’t forget it’s always a good idea to hire our cheap resume writers.

What should be on a resume in 2017? Check out the best resume trends and also read useful tips for the resume formats in the upcoming year!

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