How Photo in Resume Affects Your Hiring Chances?

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Resumes with the Personal Pictures

Nowadays, the trends of applying for jobs has changed as compared to what it was few years ago. Many firms demand the candidates to share their personal photo by pasting it on the CV or resume. Some companies consider it mandatory as they also want to see their employees-to-be by analyzing a bit of their personality through their photos. Despite that, the candidates share their photos as per the latest format of the resumes even if the companies don’t have such conditions. Many experts have clear views about sharing resumes with photo. They believe on 20 to 30 percent impact chances of getting job with the sharing of personal photo. For few jobs, the photos of candidates are mandatory to be shared. For example, the firms also want to see the appearance of individuals for the vacancies related to business administration i.e. Manager, Asst. Manager and many others etc. It also matters for the job of receptionists or the employees that greet clients and guide them about the services/offers.

What Do CV Experts Say about It?

The professionals and experienced recruiters of many renowned firms strongly believe on the idea of sharing your personal photo with resume as you can see in creative resume sample. The CV experts say it clearly that every individual must attach his/her resume with photo to apply for any job. Sometimes, the appearance matters more than your skills and years of prior work experience. Therefore, the only photo can be major reason of giving you the best job. It is also being taught to the students in CV/Resume writing classes so that they stop following traditional methods. People in all the developed countries don’t even bother to share their resumes without the personal photo.

Resume With Photo Format and Requirements

The standard area of pasting your photo is the top right section in the resume and CV. The name and contact details are mentioned on the central top section. However the photo should be added a bit below to the details on the top right section in front of the Objective part (on left side). It is the standard resume with photo format for every candidate. However, there are some important requirements for the photo. You need to share photo with standard size, there should be a white or blue color background and picture’s quality must be good i.e. high pixel resolution. Don’t share the photo with the casual or unprofessional appearance. Keep in mind that you’re sharing it to impress the recruiter instead of offending them so it’s always a good idea to consider edit my resume cheap services.

Learn how to share the resumes with photo in a right way. All you need to do is to follow the shared instructions and make brighter chances of getting your desired job!

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